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An Ultimate Beginners Guide on Oziva Protein Powder for Men

There is no surprise that you will find a lot of products thriving today’s nutrition market ranges with various health requirements. Protein supplements are one of the top-most products famed in that list. These protein supplements have several benefits in the human body. It helps to promote muscle growth, lower blood pressure, treat type 2 diabetes, reduce inflammation, increases the antioxidant defenses of your body, and so on. 

In recent days, nearly 70% of Indians have a lack of protein due to the excessive growth of fast/street foods. But, protein is an essential thing for our bodies. So, if you are not getting protein from your regular diet, then you can try protein supplements. There are several brands available in today’s market that has made different protein powders. You will have to choose the best one to get the ultimate benefits of protein. But, how do you grasp which protein supplement is the best? 

Most of the protein powder claim to be the most competent for your health. Some of them are high on sucralose or sugar, or some restrain protein from sources like Soy that is as an allergen in some instances. So, you can try OZiva Protein and Herbs powder that gives you benefits more than just protein. This high-quality protein powder comes from ayurvedic herbs and vital minerals and vitamins that can highly beneficial for the human body. 

However, if you are unaware of the Oziva protein powder for men, then this guide can help you a lot. Here are all the details you will require to know regarding this powder. So, let’s start. 

Know the Reasons Why Oziva Protein Powder is Beneficial for Men

Do you want to know the causes of why this protein supplement is beneficial for men? Have a come across at the points described below:

High-Quality Protein

Oziva protein powder is one of the best wholesome as well as healthy protein-rich food options that you can take with a power-packed breakfast. You can have it after your workout or another time of the day whenever you wish. It provides you with almost 30 gm of protein per scoop if you take it with milk. Whey protein is a useful variant of this protein powder.  

Combined with Ayurvedic Herbs Especially for Men:

The protein powder is equipped with an ayurvedic herbal combination that is something to look out for. With the finest herbs that are highly beneficial for men, Oziva protein powder stands as a grand choice for everyone. Some of the ayurvedic herbs used in this protein powder are: 

● Ashwagandha (helps to release stress)

● Ginger (helps to boost the immune system) 

● Shatavari (helps to balance vitality and other hormonal activities) 

● Omega 3 (helps in lowering blood pressure and reducing triglycerides)  

● Tulsi (helps to clear the skin tones and also boosts hair health) 

● Green Tea Extract (it’s a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps to burn additional flab)

Better Recovery and Stamina:

Oziva protein powder holds 23 gm of cold processed and ultrafiltered Whey protein along with 5.5 gm of BCAAs. These are extremely beneficial to provide better recovery, stamina, and lean muscles. Besides, this protein supplement also holds vital minerals and multivitamins such as B-Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron, Biotin, so on that are beneficial for skin and hair. Moreover, it comes with 0% added sugar and it is also soy-free, Non-GMO, gluten-free. In short, there are no artificial sweeteners added in this protein powder.


Oziva protein powder is tasty as well as yummy due to its delicious cocoa flavor and easy mixability capabilities. You can blend it easily with anything – be it, oats, nuts, fruits, or even dark chocolate. The outcome is a deliciously easygoing yet highly beneficial protein shake.

Low in Sugar: 

One of the biggest benefits of Oziva protein powder is it’s low in sugar and yet tastes yummy. If you are working hard to reduce your fat and also you are lessening your food habits, then this protein shake can help you to be on the right fitness track.

Takes Less than 5 min to Prepare: 

Another best part of this protein powder is you can prepare it within a few minutes. A perfect on-the-go option is beneficial when you are running short on time and requires a quick and fast solution for a healthy meal. 

Kow the Supplement Facts of Oziva Protein Powder

1. Protein73 gm
2. Carbohydrate19 gm
3. Sugar5 gm
4. total Fat4.5 gm
5. Vitamin C60 mg
6. VitaminB65 mg
7. Biotin300 mcg
8. Calcium590 mg
9. Iron8 mg
10. Phosphorus430 mg
11. Lodine150 mcg
12. Magnesium140 mg


Direction for Use

It is too easy to consume this protein powder. Just take 150 ml of water in a glass and add 2 scoops (5 gm) of this powder. Stir the mixture well and drink it. 

Apart from this, this protein powder not only is it nutritionally enriching, but you can also consume it in any form other than just a shake. You can consume this powder by some vegetarian protein-rich recipes that can be made easily at your home. The two most popular recipes are described below:

Chocolate Chila:

You can consume Oziva protein powder with Chocolate Chila. You can make it within a few minutes at your home.  


● One pinch of salt

● ¼ cup of cocoa powder

● One pinch of cooking soda

● 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey

● 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

● 1 scoop Oziva protein powder

● 1 and ½ cup of whole wheat flour

Cooking Instructions:

● First of all, take all the ingredients in a bowl. Then, add a little amount of water – try to add water little by little to make the mixture homogenous. The density of the batter should neither be too deep nor too light. 

● Now, heat a nonstick tawa or pan and add a little amount of oil. Afterward, take a ladle full of batter. Spread the batter in the Tawa/pan in an annular motion. Then, add a few drops of oil on it.

● Cook until it becomes crispy golden. Now, you will see bubbles appear on top of the Tawa/pan. Flip it and wait for a minimum of 10-15 seconds. 

● Your Chocolate Chila is now ready. Serve it with honey and yogurt dip. You can also drizzle chocolate sauce on the top of Chocolate Chila to increase the taste. 

High Protein no Bake Ladoos:

Another way you can consume Oziva protein powder is with Ladoos. To prepare this, you can follow the steps mentioned below. 


● 2-3 tablespoon of honey

● 1 and ½ cup of rolled oats

● 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

● ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder

● 1 tablespoon of sesame or chia seeds

● 1-1 and ½ scoops of Oziva Protein powder

● 2-3 tablespoon of milk or water (use as needed)

● ⅓ cup of dark chocolate raisins or shaves or chips 

● 1-2 tablespoon of smooth peanut butter (or any nut butter)

Cooking Instructions:

● In the beginning, mix Oziva protein powder, oats, protein powder, sesame or chia seeds in a bowl.

● Next, add honey, peanut butter, and vanilla extract into the bowl. 

● Add the chocolate raisins or chips. Then, mix these ingredients properly until the mixture looks sticky.

● Thereafter, add milk/water gradually little by little and stir the mixture well. 

● Once done, roll out the mixture into small balls.

● Once your balls are ready, place all of them in a jar. Refrigerate the balls for a minimum of 30-35 minutes before consuming.

Final Thought

Now, it’s time to conclude this guide. So, there are several benefits of Oziva protein powder for men. But, it is recommended to consume this powder after consulting your doctor. We hope this guide will help to give a complete idea about the Oziva protein powder.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oziva Protein Powder

Who can Take Oziva Protein Powder?

Pretty much everybody can consume this powder. But, it suits best between the ages of 16 to 65.

How much Protein does Oziva Hold per Serving?

It holds 22 gm protein per serving.

What did Diet need to Follow After Taking Oziva?

After taking this protein powder, you will have to follow a well-prepared diet along with micro/macronutrient intake and balanced calories as per your goal.

What is the Best Way to Use this Product?

You can take this protein powder with your breakfast or after your workout. But, you can consume it as per your lifestyle and goal with the help of your physician.

What Benefits can be Expected from this Protein Powder?

The benefits of this protein completely depend on your physical activity, calorie intake, and diet. If you are want to consume this protein powder to lose your weight, and then it is recommended to take this after consulting with your doctor to ensure your overall diet is in a match with your perspective.

What Happens if you Stop Consuming this Product Suddenly?

First of all, your body stops getting its dose of needed nice clean nutrition. But, nothing bad happens if you follow a balanced lifestyle and diet.


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Beginners Guide on Oziva Protein Powder for Men
it is recommended to consume this powder after consulting your doctor. We hope this guide will help to give a complete idea about the Oziva protein powder.
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